Tales from Sales

with Matt Althauser of Amplitude Analytics
Dec 13, 2017
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Tales from Sales | 100 PM
Tales from Sales | 100 PM

Let's face it: a lot of product managers don't want anything to do with sales.

But sales is essential to the success of our products and good sales team relationships can be a Product Manager's superpower.

In this special episode of 100 PM, we're talking to Matt Althauser, Chief Revenue Officer for Amplitude Analytics.

Amplitude helps PMs better understand user behavior in-app, so we focus on shipping the features that matter.

Matt helps Amplitude succeed with winning go-to-market strategies. He was an early employee of Optmizely when the company was fewer than ten (today Optimizely employs well over two hundred people and leads the way in experimentation software), and he knows exactly what it takes to build a winning sales team.

Tune in below to hear our conversation with Matt, including a step by step breakdown of when to start scaling sales and how to do it best.

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