Product Leaders Make Great Facilitators

with Adrienne Tan of Brainmates
Jan 22, 2019
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Product Leaders Make Great Facilitators | 100 PM
Product Leaders Make Great Facilitators | 100 PM

Adrienne Tan likes to keep you guessing.

With a penchant for brightly colored hair (currently dyed in electric green) and the self-appointed title “Chief Mischief Officer”, you might not know she's also the Co-Founder of Brainmates and Leading the Product Conference in Australia.

And she likes it that way.

Long before Product Management became tech's hottest new job, Adrienne spent many years educating Australian businesses about the importance of the role, and helping to build and define the PM community down under.

Join me in our lively conversation as we discuss what skills make for a great facilitator, finding your aha moment through “micro learnings,” and the story behind how the Leading the Product Conference began.

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About Adrienne

With more than 20 years building Products Adrienne Tan is an ardent supporter of Product Management and is on a mission to improve the quality of Product Managers. As Co-Founder of Brainmates and Leading the Product, Adrienne helps build products customers love.

Adrienne built her Product Management career developing products for the Microsoft Network, Telstra BigPond and AUSTAR.

She left her role as the Group Product Manager at AUSTAR in 2004 to explore what life had to offer. During her journey, Adrienne saw an opportunity to offer Product Management services to companies that wanted to develop great products. Brainmates was born as a company offering Product Management Consulting and Training, supported by the practical and repeatable Brainmates Product Management Framework. At last count Brainmates have trained over 2500 people across a diverse range of industries.

Adrienne is passionate about improving the Product Management capability in Australia, having created an active Product Management community through regular Product Camps and events, with an online network of over 5000 Product Management professionals in Australia and around the world. Adrienne speaks at Meetups in Australia and Singapore and spoke at the Product Leadership conference in Stockholm.

As part of her work in the Product Management community, Adrienne Co-Founded the Product Management Conference Leading the Product in 2015 with SEEK. The conference is now in its fifth year.

Adrienne also writes extensively on LinkedIn and on the Brainmates website and is one of LinkedIn’s 2018 Influential Voices.

To learn more about Adrienne, check out her blogs below.

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