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Product Management

An Interview with Dan Podsedly, VP Product at Pivotal Tracker

Mar 18, 2017
By Suzanne Abate

A few weeks ago, 100 PM had the great pleasure of hosting a packed house at General Assembly's new DTLA campus for Product Stack LA - a newly formed coalition of product management allies that includes Pivotal Tracker, my personal favorite tool for managing software delivery in an agile environment. 

I asked Dan about his personal journey from developer to product manager to "Godfather" and how Tracker first emerged out of the Pivotal Labs process. 

The whole conversation is all in this video interview, including:

  • Lessons for moving your product from free to paid
  • The importance of small teams
  • Why Pivotal Tracker is more relevant after 10 years than ever before

Watch now or read the full transcript here. 

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