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An Interview with Kevin Steigerwald, Chief Product Officer at Notion

Jun 13, 2017
By Suzanne Abate

When first bringing a product to market, much of a Product Manager's work is focused on reaching product / market fit: finding a repeatable method of selling the same product to the same group of customers.

As we move through the product lifecycle, our attention shifts from building a funnel to optimizing it.

Today's Product Managers have no shortage of effective tools to leverage for collecting important data - from email campaign software like MailChimp to bug and ticket tracking tools like Pivotal Tracker.

These PM tools - in the aggregate - represent our Product Stack.

But having to log in to many different platforms and cobble together data into spreadsheets is arduous work.

And most arduous work leads to abandoned work.

As Product Managers we can't afford not to pay attention to critical product data, which is why leveraging a powerful analytics tool like Notion can be a game-changer.

In this video interview, I sat down with Kevin Steigerwald to learn more about his journey into product and how Notion is helping product teams everywhere to focus on the metrics that matter.

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