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Are OKRs o-v-e-r?

with Christina Wodtke of Author of Radical Focus
Apr 23, 2021
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Are OKRs o-v-e-r? | 100 PM
Are OKRs o-v-e-r? | 100 PM

By now the letters O K R are permanently part of the growing product management lexicon, in good part thanks to the work of author Christina Wodtke and her OKR guide and parable, Radical Focus.

After just five years (too soon? not soon enough?), Christina is back with a second edition full of new insights, including what doesn't work when it comes to OKRs.

In this first episode of the 100 PM author series, now available in video format as well, your host Suzanne Abate sits down with Christina on the eve of RF2's release to get granular about whether OKRs will end up on the "trash-heap of management fashion."

Watch the video:

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Author of Radical Focus

Radical Focus has been translated into six languages and sold more than 60,000 copies. Now, the second edition of her OKR manifesto proves that Wodtke’s business strategies are essential in a world where focus seems to be a more and more unreachable goal. The updated version includes 50 well-written, clear example OKR sets to inspire and guide you, as well as 22,000 words of all-new material designed to help OKR users in the enterprise create and manage OKRs. If you want to accelerate success and drive rapid organizational learning, you need to read this book.
About Authors Series

The 100PM Authors Series is a limited run of podcasts, hosted by Suzanne Abate in conversation with authors of the most influential books ever written on product management.