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Fight for It

with Nicole Brolan of SEEK
Jan 22, 2019
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Fight for It | 100 PM
Fight for It | 100 PM

Nicole Brolan has proven herself to be a fighter both in and out of the boxing ring.

For many years, she trained as a Muay Thai boxer and competed in 39 matches.

Outside of the training environment, she worked steadily and tirelessly for 14 years to move up the ranks at SEEK, Australia’s leading employment marketplace that connects companies with job seekers.

It’s clear that Nicole is undeterred by hard work and perseverance in order to achieve personal and professional victories.

In this episode, we discuss her journey from customer success to product, why collective ownership is the key to success, and what it’s like to implement OKRs at a large scale organization.

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About Nicole

Nicole worked her way up from sales and service to become SEEK’s Product Director. Her expertise extends to building amazing teams and consistently evolving product practices.

Having worked her way through Service, Sales and Product at SEEK, Nicole Brolan is now Product Director for SEEK ANZ. Nicole is always passionate to solve customer problems in a meaningful way. With a team of 75 and growing, Nicole is constantly focused on how to build amazing teams and consistently challenge and evolve product practices for better outcomes.

SEEK has recently made organisational changes which means that increasingly the product and delivery teams will build solutions for both ANZ and the SEEK Asia businesses, having a greater positive impact to people. This will present new opportunities to work in a different way, ensuring her team continues to deliver on the SEEK purpose of helping people to live more fulfilling lives and to help organisations succeed.

Prior to her current role, Nicole headed up looking after small to medium businesses utilising SEEK, with a big focus on funnel optimisation and behavioural economics.

Outside of all things product, Nicole was previously a competitive Muay Thai fighter, having won 4 x Australian titles throughout her career and continues training. She also has a black belt in Kyokushin Karate.

To learn more about Nicole, check out the links below.

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