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Nail It, Then Scale It

with Saeed Khan of Transformation Labs
Jan 22, 2019
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Nail It, Then Scale It | 100 PM
Nail It, Then Scale It | 100 PM

Fellow Canadian Saeed Khan understands what it’s like to be met with a quizzical look when he says PRO-cess instead of PRA-cess.

But however you pronounce it, Saeed insists process is the essential ingredient for setting up a successful product organization - and that's the core guidance he offers through his own consultancy, Transformation Labs.

Join me in discussion with Saeed to learn about setting a clear vision for your career path, using metrics to answer important product questions, and what product managers can learn from biology.

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About Saeed

Industry veteran Saeed launched his pioneering product management blog in 2007. This sought-after writer, speaker and thought leader helps companies harness their potential.

Saeed has been a thought leader and thought provoker throughout his 25 years working in high-tech. He started the influential blog On Product Management in 2007, and has been writing and speaking on the discipline of Product Management and new product development for a number of years. He is a co-founder of Transformation Labs, an advisory firm that helps companies harness innovation, product management and product marketing to drive growth and market success.

To learn more about Saeed, check out the links below.

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