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Synthesizing Ambiguity

with Justin Hughes of Trunk Club
Jun 28, 2017
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Synthesizing Ambiguity | 100 PM
Synthesizing Ambiguity | 100 PM

It's early morning in River North and I'm being ushered across a large open floor with dozens of workstations. The desks are mostly empty now but I have the impression they won't be for much longer.

"This is the only quiet space I could find," says Justin Hughes, who proceeds to open a hidden door masquerading as a bookshelf.

The VP of Product Design and Development at Trunk Club - an upscale outfitter for men and women - is clearly on brand, dressed impeccably in a blue blazer and bow tie.

He shows me into a secret room looking out over Ohio St. and begins his account of an English literature major who found an unlikely use for his degree working as a Customer Service Rep at, writing stories about how his company could improve the customer experience.

Those early unsolicited observations opened another hidden door: to the world of product management.

Fast forward a decade and Justin Hughes has found his sweet spot - managing products doing upwards of $50 million in annual revenue, building teams and inspiring people to write their own stories.

In this kickoff to our Chicago series of PM interviews, Justin Hughes will share:

  • The difference between practicing process and learning process
  • Why it's so hard to be experimental in a waterfall environment
  • Working the job that you have and the job that you want, and
  • True stories from riding Groupon's growth wave

And though he may not mean to, he'll also set the new standard for product leadership.

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"Because product management is such an undefined profession, I think a lot of companies don't know what they are looking for in a product manager, don't understand what product management is, and sometimes when they hire product managers, don't want the output or the outcome of what a product manager is going to give them." Justin Hughes, VP Product and Design at Trunk Club

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