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Dresses and Robots

with Leanne Luce of Voodoo Manufacturing
Apr 25, 2018
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Dresses and Robots | 100 PM
Dresses and Robots | 100 PM

Not many people can list soft robotics and fashion design together on the same resume. But then Leanne Luce isn't like most people.

For starters, she neither let her "prototypical female" self hinder her from tinkering in her carpenter father's workshop nor attending fashion school. In fact, this intersection of fabric and technology became the precise foundation on which Luce has built her career in product.

Today she is the first-appointed Product Manager at Voodoo Manufacturing, a Brooklyn-based startup that is bringing affordable, scalable 3D printing to the masses.

In this episode Leanne opens our eyes to the worlds of soft robotics, exoskeletons, and 3D printers and shares the lessons she's accumulated on her journey from design thinking to product mindset.

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Voodoo Manufacturing

Headquartered in Brooklyn, NY, Voodoo Manufacturing is powered by a team of industry and technology experts who are set on pushing manufacturing into the future. Voodoo works across industries with some of the largest brands and agencies, and have enabled startups and entrepreneurs to build what they never thought was possible.
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