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You're Not Thinking Big Enough

with Nacho Andrade of ADP Innovation Center
Mar 01, 2017
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You're Not Thinking Big Enough | 100 PM
You're Not Thinking Big Enough | 100 PM

It's becoming less of a secret that great products are valuable solutions to existing problems.

But, is it possible that we've solved all the "easy" problems - now that we outsource our grocery shopping, lawn mowing and lifts to the airport from our phones from the couch?

Is the future solving complex problems or, in the least, "easy" problems complicated by scale?

This notion is at the heart of today's episode, recorded in the heart of old Pasadena where payroll giant ADP has 300 employees (of its mere 60,000 company-wide) embracing Product Thinking inside its Innovation Center.

Our guest is Principal Product Manager Nacho Andrade, a career "startup guy" as equally unexpected to be found inside an enterprise organization as one might expect ADP to be known for innovation. And yet...

Also in this episode:

  • "Your ideas suck" and how to get over it
  • How to lead by influence
  • The essential PM skill you can learn in couples' therapy

Listen to the full conversation below.

Please note that all views expressed by the individuals in this episode are their own and do not reflect those of ADP or other companies referenced.

Do your ideas suck? Wear the badge with pride and download the image below.

Your Ideas Suck Nacho Andrade

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