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Give The People What They Want

with Nate Stewart of Cockroach Labs
Apr 18, 2018
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Give The People What They Want | 100 PM
Give The People What They Want | 100 PM

Nate Stewart has been busy. His team just launched CockroachDB 2.0, the, er, sequel to the first version of the SQL database for building massive, reliable cloud applications.

I first had the pleasure of meeting Nate at Product Leaders Summit in NYC. Perched high above the city we went deep into the challenges of organizing (and re-organizing) product teams at scale.

Certainly Stewart would know.

He cut his teeth as a product manager intern at Microsoft, after all. An organization that knows a thing or two about scale.

Most recently he led the teams at Percolate before moving to Cockroach Labs, where he holds the Head of Product title.

In this episode we revisited the topic of structuring and scaling product teams, considered why non-technical PMs can (sometimes) better manage technical products, and discussed practical ideas for overcoming dependencies.

Press play below to listen now, and follow Nate on Twitter!

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Cockroach Labs is a computer software company that develops database management systems for businesses. It is best known for CockroachDB.
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