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The Art of User Story Writing

with Ryan Harper of Conde Nast
Feb 28, 2018
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The Art of User Story Writing | 100 PM
The Art of User Story Writing | 100 PM

On paper, Ryan Harper's career trajectory looks like the "how to" guide on getting into Product Management. In reality, he's just like so many of us who found our way into managing products by doing something else we loved that touched tech.

For Harper, that love was music. Originally hired as a composer for a multimedia project, Ryan quickly became fascinated with "this idea of creating through this collaborative process." It led him to learn code and how to ready design assets and, eventually, to claim a seat at the founder's table and even declare his first pivot. It doesn't get any more "startup" than that!

Today Ryan is still playing the startup game, it just so happens to be a startup inside of Conde Nast, one of the world's largest publishers and a leader in developing innovative online publication experiences.

In this episode, Ryan shares more about his journey, how he likens product management to writing music, and inside tips from his course "Writing User Stories" which you can purchase at O'Reilly.

Also in this episode:

  • The right time to bring in a product manager
  • The difference between doing product management and teaching it
  • The art of writing user stories
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Is this podcast episode lost? I cannot access it on iTunes or here. Same with episode 46
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