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Processing Process

with Shilpa Mohanty of Vibes Media
Aug 15, 2017
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Processing Process | 100 PM
Processing Process | 100 PM

At the intersection of business, technology, and design you'll find Shilpa Mohanty - a true triple threat PM.

Today Shilpa serves as Product Manager, Integrations at Vibes Media in Chicago, a title that cloaks over ten years of experience in all aspects of product - from coding and quality assurance to data science, marketing and business consulting.

Having worked in organizations of 100,000+ employees to startups with as few as 8, Shilpa's honed a deep understanding of process and how to bring the right level of organization to companies at different stages of their lifecycle.

In this conversation, we cover the gamut of key PM processes - from selecting the right kind of Agile to effective product roadmapping to bottom up innovation.

I think I really appreciate the fact that the companies that actually rapidly grow, that rapidly innovate, have smaller team structure. They have processes that are very, very and tightly coupled, yet highly predictive. You know that this is how the team is going to function, the dependencies are reduced, the waste is reduced, and all of that. I guess, as you start growing and scaling up, you need processes to match up to everybody's comfort levels and everybody to feel safe and feel more productive to perform. I guess it depends on the companies, but yes, I mean the more flexible you are at creating processes, it's much better for the organization. Shilpa Mohanty, Vibes

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